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    Xianghongli Electronics Limited was founded in 2008, specializing in electronic components distribution. We uphold the integrity and pragmatic, customer success of the concept, and gradually established a good reputation and credibility of international business. With accurate quotes, good credit, reasonable prices, reliable quality, fast delivery, authentic service, won the praise of majority of customers.

    Xianghongli Electronics Limited has a wide unobstructed supply, and reserves a large number of electronic components inventory. The products includes: optical devices, embedded systems, semiconductors, circuit protection components, passive components, connectors, sensors and so on. The products are mainly used in electric power, network , communications, industrial, automotive, military, instrumentation, financial equipment, industrial control, computer interface devices, and consumer electronics and other fields.
  Xianghongli  Electronics have been a leading independent global distributor of LINEAR, AD, ATMEL, ALTERA, MICROCHIP, TI, AVX, MURATA, MOLEX, TE, JST.

    Xianghongli Electronics Limited has a customer base serving aerospace service provider; medical device manufacturers; research institutions, communications equipment manufacturers; automotive electronics manufacturers; nuclear power, industrial equipment manufacturers; we also serve all kinds of electronic components agents, distributors. We take advantage of a multi-channel established supply relationship, providing customers with excellent products and chain management services and full technical support to meet our customers' product development and production. Our unremitting efforts, committed to being your best partner.

Information Recommendation

Intel Will Set Up A Video Division In China, Focus On Video Technology Optimization

On October 12, Dr. Chen Wei, Vice President, Vice President of Intel Internet of Things, announced at the Intel Global Internet of Things, and Intel officially established the Global Video Division, and China is the headquarters of this business department. Internet of Things videoThe Division will focus on China's rapid growth video technology optimization.

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15 days, sources pointed out that in order to cope with the intensive capacity of the substance, the display driving chip (DDI) supplier is turning to the 28/22 nm process to make new OLED DDI and DDI.The production ratios of these nodes will have increased significantly in 2022.